Starting a dedicated Server

Hello, I know this has probably been posted before (if it has please send me a link)
but I cannot seem to find help anywhere. Lately I have been on a mission to start my own server in GMOD and have been at it for at least a couple of weeks now and and running into the same problems.
let me back track a moment and let you guys know where I am so far and what i have done prior to this post.

first off I have downloaded steam CMD and gotten the SRCDS application
the link I am posting is the video I watched and completed all the steps for

as well as doing everything that tutorial told me to do, I have also successfully forwarded all the ports I need forwarded to host a server the ports I have forwarded are (3478,4379-4380,27000-27050) I have double checked them and they are all forwarded correctly.

My first and most reoccurring problem is the “server not responding” message my friends get when they try to join.
Secondly my Server is not showing up on the “server list”
Am i doing anything wrong? what else do I need to do to start a server? any replies or links to look at for help starting my server would be greatly appreciated, Thank You

Your server isn’t connecting properly then. Make sure you forwarded ports for the correct local IP, and you only need ports 27015-27020 TCP (really only 27015, but those ports should be open just in case).

The most important step into this is to portfoward correctly. These are my ports for my server;

27005 - 27050
TCP/UDP or (both)

so from 005-050 the ports will be open. Also make sure you look up a tutorial on how to allow the connection of a specific port. Than you can look through your srcds (server console) too see if any ports are unavailable which is blocking the connection.

Why would you port forward to UDP? Why would you port forward 27005-27014 for a server? Also, up to 27050 is just overkill.

It’s just making it more open if some ports are blocked. Also if people are new at portfowarding why not do both?

Why would you want to allow traffic through the UDP protocol when SRCDS uses the TCP protocol?
Also, why open more ports than needed? Opening 45 ports for a server that requires 1 is stupid. The -port command param enforces SRCDS to listen to the defined port.
What do you mean by “more open”? Sounds like you think that the more ports you open, the more traffic your server will be able to handle. If the port is blocked by their ISP, SRCDS won’t magically understand that and start listening to another port, you have to define a new port.

Don’t mislead people with false information when you have no knowledge/experience in that field whatsoever.

I tell people to open 27015-27020 because some people think it’s a smart idea to host a server on the same computer as Steam.

Steam Client relies on the UDP protocol so that really isn’t necessary. In fact, only one TCP protocol port is required to host a server, regardless of what else the machine is running.

As you can see, the client uses 27014-27050 for downloads over TCP, and if 27015 isn’t available, it got 35 other ports to chose between.

Forgot about that page, thanks.