Starting a Fretta server, need help choosing server mods

I suppose this is the correct section.

So, I’m new to hosting Garry’s Mod servers, but I’ve hosted other Source based game servers in past 9 months and I’m running a 200-slot Minecraft server. I’d like to start a Fretta server with some gamemodes such as TTT and Deathrun, so I was wondering, which administration mod should I use? I learned from the wiki that there are at least three admin softwares I could use, but I cannot decide which one I should pick.

I’ve also heard of an AssMod if anyone cares to clarify that.

So, what is your personal favourite, what are the differences in these mods (Evolve, Exstro and ULX) and which one would be the best for a Fretta server?


Hello Juze.

I use Evolve for my DarkRP server. I like all the stuffs that comes in it and that you are able to change alot of stuffs. Although, Evolve and DarkRP (FAdmin) doesn’t work that well together.

I’ve heard that ULX is more administrative. I’ve never tried out ULX though.

But I like Evolve. It’s really good.

For Fretta gamemodes I suggest using evolve since it dont have any other admin mods to collide with. But I also suggest that you check out ULX too.

If you want more options and features then go for ULX, if you want a simple admin mod then go for Evolve.

For fretta, I preffer Evolve and some plugins.

Thanks, just the answers I were looking for! After thinking for a long time, based on the screenshots, I ended up picking Evolve for testbench first anyway.

Knoxed: Can you recommend any of the plugins?


I ended up choosing ULX. I thought Evolve to be a bit more for sandbox gamemodes or something else, and I liked the ULX gui more.

Now to figure out how I start in Fretta gamemodes (TTT, Deathrun) on start etc. :smiley:

Evolve has a nasty exploit that can lag a server to death. (I don’t believe they fixed it yet.) So I would try to avoid that.