Starting A Gaming Network

I was thinking about starting a gaming network where I will host games. I have enough money to buy the VPS’s that I’ll need, I was thinking of starting off with Gmod, is there any guides on how to set up a server. Also whats the best game type to benefit off, what do people enjoy the most, which types do people donate more too, etc.

Thanks for all the help!

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Usually its best to just do your idea and see if it goes somewhere not to just be an idea guy and ask if anyone would care so you don’t waste your time.

I was thinking of hosting a TTT server, if anyone is intrested in helping me out in this project. I can pay for everything, add me on skyp.e: zerokg. (with the dot)

i can try and help as mutch as possable but i am not to experinced with gmod server im kinda new to them

Meh what the hell, PM me.