Starting a gaming network.

Hello everyone!

I am interested in starting a gaming network that hosts multiple games such as; Gmod, Arma2, anything really. I have the funds to start hosting that is not a problem so I will take care of that. I just need to gather a small team of people to help me out because I cant do it on my own. I will need some graphic designers that can design logo’s and things for the website/forum and maybe in game. I can program decently myself but it would be alot better if we had a programmer that is familiar with gmod. A website developer and forum manager is needed. Most of these jobs will be paid depending on what you are doing exactly. So please if you’re interested add my skype: CelestialGaming

Was going to start with a gmod server not sure what the best game mode to host is? I like TTT, deathrun, murder, slender, DarkRP, so yeah in your opinion what would be the best to host and easiest to attract players.

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

I am interested but I do not have skype :frowning:

That’s cool, but it’s a large task, and you have to be willing to stick it out for a while.

Gmod is a bit of a challenge. Every 12 year old with their parents credit card has a darkrp or TTT server. The sheer number of servers out there is quite large, and separating yourself from the pack is one hell of a task.

You are going to need a TTT or darkrp server to use as a drag net for players. Your best bet would be to have them VERY SLIGHTLY modified. Servers with 30 different addons, half of which don’t work, are a dime a dozen and tend to break more than they work.

If I were in your position, I would definitely run a zombie survival and death run with a global point shop. Another good choice would be to run vanilla classic servers. For example, the old zombie survival, flood, or one of the older RP mods would be a nice change from today’s common highly modified scripts.

Also, don’t make the same mistake that other servers make. A lot of servers, due to being run by kids, have all of these extra addons that only the owner or admins can use. People don’t want to sit there for a half hour downloading things they can’t use in the game.

Hopefully this helps you out a little.

Add me on steam if you can

I agree, dont use extra addons you dont need to. Some people think if they have hundreds of Coder Hire addons they are the best, and its simply not true. You need just what the gamemode needs to play well, and not really anything else. My biggest tip to being successful is having friendly, MATURE, staff. If you give out admin positions easily or sell them than its simply asking for 12 year olds to come through and ruin your servers reputation.
Anyway, good luck.

Remember that the average Facepunch user and the average Gmod player are two completely demographics. While many FP users have problems with Coderhire addons, a large portion of Gmod don’t actually care and since most of them are too fucking stupid to read your explanations of how things unique to your server work, it is a good thing to have some content they recognize and enjoy.

Despite this, it is important to also remember that there’s already a billion TTT and DarkRP servers already, so it’s good to either have a starting player base to attract randomers or something that makes you stand out.

As Renzbo said, friendly and mature staff are vital. It’s also really important for them to interact with new players and make them feel welcome. There’s nothing more shitty than a circlejerky server where the only people talking are regulars and admins because randomers just get ignored and mocked. If someone has a question, answer it. Either they’ll appreciate it, or ignore you and keep on asking.

One of the most vital traits for owning a server is patience, I think. I am not joking when I saw that around 90% of the gmod userbase are idiots. You’re gonna get people who think the game revolves entirely around them, people who will call you an admin abuser and not listen to a single thing you say, people who think they can bend your rules to suit their personal needs and get super pissy when you don’t.

Remember that criticism is important and feedback should always be encouraged, but most of it you’ll receive will probably be unhelpful.

This. A lot of people offer admin for money, or promote a bunch of random people who are active in their servers, but this isn’t the best way. Your safest bet would be to implement a vote kick, mute, and 2 hour ban in the beginning. This allows the server to somewhat watch over itself while you’re gone. But you need to be playing often to be able to see who’s worthy and who’s not. This is one area that really requires your attention and hard work. Ultimately, the players are interacting 99% of the time with admins, not you. That’s why admins have such a large impact and a bad admin can ruin you.

Feel free to message me on steam if you need help with anything or have any questions. Just click on the steam logo under my avatar on here. It will pull up my steam profile.

Hit me up if you want. I have too much free time.

A regular player base is everything. Having hosted a Gmod server for a while, I can tell you that once my regulars stopped popping in as often, it went entirely downhill. Idling in your server helps a lot but if you’re not capable of that due to outside obligations, see if you can’t entice some close (responsible!) friends to be admins to keep the player count up. Having a community is huge, but something as simple as a Steam group will do, you don’t need to set up a whole set of forums for your server (in fact, you don’t have to at all, since Steam will do that for you in your group).

A lot of people talk about the content of the server itself as if it’s important, but I think that’s entirely missing the point. Unless you create a significant amount of content that will attract players (the hit new thing I see a ton of people playing all of the time is survival-y stuff like CyberGmod’s DayZ gamemode and that weird city wars server that’s almost not quite RP), most people get accustomed to seeing the same sort of content that most other servers have and ignore the rest. This is especially true for stuff like custom HUDs. No one cares about that.

Make your server convenient. Players are dumb and will eventually leave when they can’t participate in something because of a slew of model errors (m9k, looking at you). <- This is an important thing. Make a file containing a bunch of resource.AddWorkshop statements that look like this:

[lua]resource.AddWorkshop( someid )
resource.AddWorkshop( anotherid )[/lua]

Replace someid and anotherid with the IDs of the workshop addons that you’re using. For example, the ID of this addon: is the very end of the URL, 280655383. Keep doing this for big addons that would take to long to download on their own (wiremod, for example). It’s much faster, saves your server bandwidth (and resources!) and lets all players see the same content, even if they’re not actually subscribed to the addon.

This is a rather long winded post (mostly because I want to start a successful server myself so I’ve been trying to divine the reason why some servers get tons of players but other cool ones completely miss out), but really it just boils down to patience and encouraging new players to pop in and try out your server, letting them feel welcome and accepting them into a community where they can meet other people who like your server just as much as they do.

Don’t remind them of that, it’s diminishing the little power we still have D:

And you know bad things happen when the non-elitists get all the power

Ive run tons of successful server before. And the one I have now includes donor staff. Id say if you want donor staff make sure they CAN NOT target normal staff, and have plenty of normal staff to watch. Although, I must admit some of my best admins are donor admins.

Not sure what my thoughts are worth, but starting with TTT and DarkRP shit is a good way to start. Once you start having the returning players though is when you begin to look into expanding. Beginning a custom gamemode on top of having another popular server could go a long way.