Starting a gaming network.

Hello everyone!

I am interested in starting a gaming network that hosts multiple games such as; Gmod, Arma2, anything really. I have the funds to start hosting that is not a problem so I will take care of that. I just need to gather a small team of people to help me out because I cant do it on my own. I will need some graphic designers that can design logo’s and things for the website/forum and maybe in game. I can program decently myself but it would be alot better if we had a programmer that is familiar with gmod. A website developer and forum manager is needed. Most of these jobs will be paid depending on what you are doing exactly. So please if you’re interested add my skype: CelestialGaming

Was going to start with a gmod server not sure what the best game mode to host is? I like TTT, deathrun, murder, slender, DarkRP, so yeah in your opinion what would be the best to host and easiest to attract players.

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

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