Starting a Garry's Mod Server? Staff?

Hello Everyone!

Firstly I’d like to apologize if I have posted this in the wrong section.
“Garry’s Mod General Discussion” seemed like the most appropriate place, but I may have overlooked others.

I’d also like to introduce myself, as this is my first post on the Facepunch Forum.
I am Ryan or AstroCow, and I have been playing Garry’s Mod for several years now.
At 1551 hours played, it is the single game that I keep on returning to.
I am one who has set up many watermelon stands and explored the vastness of the sky while tightly-strapped to a thruster-powered bathtub.

I know some will consider this blasphemy, but I have really grown to like DarkRP.
It’s a huge pain in the ass with its 10 year-old illiterate RDM’ing mingebags, but I believe in its potential.
I think that if it’s done right - which it usually isn’t - it can be a ton of fun.

So, I feel like challenging this, and making my own.
Before I put any money into this, though, I would like to ensure that I have a solid staff.
What I bring to the table is Graphic Design, strong leadership, experience, and ideas.
Unfortunately, I do not have any experience with lua and will be needing someone who does (I know how this usually turns out…). I’ll also be using this as an opportunity to learn it.
Additionally, I’ll need 3 other strict and mature people to act as moderating administrators (If you have other skills too, that’s even better).

I’ll also gladly take any tips or advice.

Thank you for reading!

Perhaps I should look into renting a life instead?

My recommendation would be to set up a small forum and make some applications, or least ask people a few questions instead before making people staff right away. If you know some friends with an interest in the gamemode, maybe you could ask them to help you start out.

The most important things you should look out for with successful admins is an understanding of other perspective, a willingness to accept criticism/feedback and knowing that you should be treated like any other player I feel.

Thank you! This is helpful information.

While I have nothing against DarkRP in general, you have to remember that the staff matters a lot when you host DarkRP, so you should pick wisely too, remember that staff does equal players, so rules like “Always listen to the staff, or get banned” is not the way to go. I hope you’re not taking me as “bossy” :slight_smile:

On the second note, about the “Play Time”, there are a lot of Facepunchers that have played GMod a lot longer than 2000 hours. I’ve hit nearly 6000, but I code, so it makes a bit sense.

You sound like an smart enough guy to host an DarkRP server, so good luck, I might even join the server whenever/if you get to the point of hosting it.

Holy fuck.

I totally agree with you as to the importance of the staff. I figured that Facepunch would be the place to go if I were to create a pool of potential staff members, as it is a fairly mature member-base.
It’s definitely important to be strict, considering the mingebags, but within reason. Fun remains the primary focus, and players should feel comfortable with the administrators rather than fearing them or disliking them. Also, wow. I had no idea that there were so many others with even superior play times. To the eyes of my friends, spending 2 months of my life on a specific game seems to be inconceivable. Also, I’ll definitely let you know if this becomes a thing! Thanks!

Staff are atleast 40% of your server, so before you got adding any randoms, get to know people, you need to trust your staff!
Good luck, my friend, good luck.

I wouldn’t mind helping out with moderation, since the current community I’m in is pretty much on indefinite hiatus. I’m hardly a coder but I can help you in that area somewhat until you can find an actual coder. Toss me a FR here if you wanna talk

just dont be a cock and have fun

I’m a coder with not a lot better to do for the time being.

Also, I forgot to say that if you need help with anything, you can always add me.

I suggest calling your server / community “Astrocow”, and your logo can be a cow with an astronaut suit.

Look for my friend request on Steam. Lets see if we can make this work. :smile:

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I can see that being amazing, though I would feel quite pretentious leading a server with my username as its title. :stuck_out_tongue: I went for “Vindictive Zombies” or “VZGaming” because every DarkRP server ever really is just an acronym with the word “Gaming” slapped onto it. It’s not very original, but I already have the domain name. Haha.

I look forward to playing on it at some point.


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So do I. Hopefully this works out nicely.

While I cannot play on your server or help admin it (My computer currently doesn’t work) I may be able to moderate a forum if you ever decide to use one. Regardless, you seem like a nice, mature guy. I wish the best of luck to you and your server.

Thank you! I will be posting the link to the forum and applications shortly, once it has been proven stable enough for traffic.

I was gonna say you could get a free server, but you clearly don’t have enough posts on facepunch to sign up for one :S

Well, here are the forum’s early beginnings:
The domain name will be changed to in a few weeks.

The forum should be ready to start operating, but with the absence of a fully operational server, it really is just limited to some of “General Discussion” and “Staff Applications”.
Please give me your advice and suggestions!

Feel free to add me on steam if you’d like. I wouldn’t mind helping.