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**Ok so I started a community, and i am currently working on the forum.

I am going to be posting stuff related to the server on my steam group

Its a public group, I wanna try to get 20 members by tonight, you guys think you can just join for me? I will be looking for staff too :smiley:

Gamemode: Perp 1.5
Map RP_Evocity_v2d


Please Register and join group!
I want to build an awesome community and fill it with amazing players!**

If you want people to be interested in your servers, you should say why it’s different from the 100’s of other rp servers.

Well i am just trying to get players that are going to be notified when its up, If you dont like the server, you can leave. But I ensure you IT WILL be fun.

I would much rather like to know how its going to be fun, you basically just avoided kuzi’s question.

In any case, looks like its going to be a bad server, mostly due to lack of funding (Which is obvious from your website)

I ensure you IT WILL be exactly the same as the hundreds of other PERP servers.

Want to get people on your server, (any maybe make a lil money whilst you are at it)
Make something BRAND NEW.

By that I mean:

  1. Get a GOOD idea
  2. Open your Gamemodes folder
  3. Create new folder.
  4. Start Creating.

Don’t make the mistake I did trying to iron out all of the little broken bits of PERP and waste a couple of months you should have been doing coursework.
PERP is very complicated and judging by your post quality, you aren’t a Pro Coder so don’t try fixing something you cant easily fix.

I had ideas for it that included
Implementing many different drugs.
Equalling out the car system so that new and old players felt equal (price would be a percentage of total cash)
Fixing the housing system (same principle)
but in the end I just didn’t have enough time or skills back then.

Do something new for the love of god.

I will be added new vehicles, maybe aq few jobs, and just a fun server. If your not interested, please dont post because I am purchasing hosting from limestone. and I am going to buy a custom domain. I have a decent amount of funding.

We are interested, that’s why we’re asking you questions. Thing is, you opened RP server #635 or something like that which has no difference from the other, no new things. No new nothing. If there’s nothing new, this will NOT work as there’s nothing to get players onto your server.

This will not fix the fundamental fuck ups of PERP.
New players feel out of their league when they join a server and don’t know what the fuck to do.
Fun server? - players cheat/minge/do anything they can to get cars and just speed along as fast as they can killing people willy nilly once they have them? <— this is fun for most 12 year olds.

Extra jobs? - Elaborate, So far NONE of the jobs have ever given players reason to play because they were either broken or fucked up.

Fix the following you have a good system.
Police - fix metagaming and using police car to kill everyone.
Para - fix Injure and then revive and also using ambulance to kill everyone.
Fire - fix Molotov and extinguish and also using engine to kill everyone.
Everyone else - fix. Breaths in Random killing, random car killing, placing drugs in impossible places, unenforcable rules, stupidity with guns, stupidity with props, stupidity with other players, stupidity with admins, stupidity with owners, stupidity with buying places, stupidity including the cave (I hope you did your research) and finally stupidity with anything to do with the hundreds of glitches, bugs and exploits with PERP.

I wish you the best of luck if you are refusing to listen to us.

Woo the 9000th RP server I cant wait.

I don’t understand why people keep trying to start DarkRP / PERP servers. They’re done. The ones that are popular have a huge number of players, and the rest go around with only 3/30 people most of the time.

We’ve all seen this post 400 times before, usually consisting of (in broken English):

  1. False hopes of adding new jobs. Jobs commonly added: Assasin, Hitman, and the like.

  2. Adding new weapons. Basically you go to, download CSS Realistic Weapons, and add them on your server as “new” and “custom” weapons. Either that or you make 5 second sweps.

  3. You attempt to add cars. Basically they’re sports cars and nothing really practical or for use by average players.

PERP has a way of dividing itself into 2 groups, much like in real life: Rich and poor. The rich cruise around in cars firing assault rifles at people, while the poor do everything they can to get a basic pistol, to which they’ll eventually lose.

DarkRP is just a mess of a system. It’s meant to be a bit less serious than other RP gamemodes, but it ALWAYS consists of this:

  1. Start out. Buy a gun.

  2. Shoot someone. Get accused of RDM. Deny, get let off, get shot. Cry RDM.

  3. Respawn, head right to the gun dealer. You buy a crate of guns, store it in your home. Later you find a thief trying to break in, who shoots you. You cry RDM, and respawn.

  4. You buy a gun quickly, run to your home, and get shot again. Only this time your printer has been jacked, so have your weapons. Your cry RDM, ragequit.

  5. You join back again, buy a crate of AK’s, then go on a killing spree. You get banned. You say to yourself, “I don’t even care.”

  6. You head to their forums, post an unban request saying you’re sorry and you’ll never do it again. You get unbanned.

  7. Rinse and repeat.