Starting a Gmod RP server. Don't want DarkRP. What RP gamemodes are out there that arn't broke or dead?

I am starting a gmod RP server and I have tried almost every RP gamemode and they seem to be all dead or broken. I really don’t want to use DarkRP as it is overused (imo). I have looked and looked and cant seem to find anything. Can anybody give me suggestions?

To be honest there aren’t many out there that aren’t broken/indev.

Perp, hl2rp, cityrp(i dunno about that) or Anyothers you find in this forum

Perp and HL2RP are private gamemodes no? I tried the “leak” ones with mysql and everything set up and they seem to be broken too. Do you know where I can get working ones?

They usually require some minor fixing up. AFAIK they work on startup. Make sure you gave them the right MySQL info.

Oh lol, you using a leaked version…
Right well they work sometimes.
You can buy them from various places, but I don’t think Perp is “for sale”

To be realistic if you can’t fix up one of the recent releases that have been broken then you shouldn’t be running a server.

You need some minor knowledge of bug finding/lua in order to fix things/gmod updates etc.

But you are correct in that I can’t think of many(any?) RP gamemodes that are good to go out of the box like DarkRP is. Probably one of the reasons to DarkRP’s success.

Yea, your right. I guess I should go learn lua. Know any place to get started? Basic lua tutorials for the stuff I need to fix gamemodes I guess.

It’s not live anymore, but if you ever played on ICannt RP back in the day, they had a really nice custom RP script that I would love to see brought back. It was glorified DarkRP but damn it was nice.

I could only find one video of it, and I recommend turning your sound off.

Also, if you’re going to learn lua, you should use the old gmod wiki mirror. There are tons of great tutorials.


I got some working ones but cannot give away

30 bucks? Not bad. Weren’t they like 400$ at one point?

What about Tiramisu 2? It’s free and is like open aura.

I was JUST trying it out. Its good, but it seems kinda glitchy. Im keeping it until I see something better.