Starting A Group (JOIN NOW)

Hello Im TooWhite and im starting a group on rust with many other players hopefully if you would like to join add me on steam ign : towhite4you (no underline)
Anyone can join we do play alot and are nice people .
This Group is for you if:
you gotta good sense of humor
Keep getting killed by other groups of ppl
Wanna make some new freinds
Hope Ya join

Good luck with this, I’d join, but, I broke my PC. I hope you find who you’re looking for.

sent ya a steam invite

Groups are just easier to find/raid/kill IMO. As a raider/griefer, I find groups not that scary.

You should star playing in US Central 4 and try to get a gang named 204 (their house is by a sign with 204 in it, never got ear it though) and se if they are easy griefed (just to point it out, it’s a 17 member KoS group).

Groups are cool if everyone Works hard and not try to go up on anyone’s back, know what I’m sayin?

If you have an active group and are looking for some good spirited, fun , healthly competition (aka no griefing) join our server.

We are looking to bring in a group of folks to play compete with our clan (10 people). We will provide a very substantial start-up package for any group joing.

Server is 100 slot and runs around 10-20 people usually. NO BS… NO KIDDIES… very active admins.

join via console:

[UK] - Friendly/PVP/Sleeper/Door Sharing

Server recently wiped friendly admins, PVP, Sleeper, Door Codes/Door Sharing and insta craft til Sunday (26/01/2014)

Great fun raiding, Great Fun in Total!!
Hope to see you guys on soon its a great server deserves more people!

To connect go in game click F1 and past this is:


Hope to play with you soon!

Join this its great and our clan will be friendly (RaG3)