Starting a mature team/clan.

I’m very active on rust and experienced 1000 plus from owning my own server and keeping track of my admins. Now I have been back to just playing but days of one man alone are gone. So iam starting a team. Name unknown as of now figure the first main people I pick can help with that. Must download teamspeak have a Mic and be active player in rust. All are welcome to apply leaders will be selected first. My steam name is Hell Awaits or hmu here I will watch form. We will choose what server by Thursday after wipe.Fallow this link and join

Hi hunter I am interested in joining your group. I have about 320 hours on rust, I myself am 27 years old and a mature clan is exactly what I am looking for. steam name is TheScottidhGuy. Ps what server are you planing to play on?

is this EU or USA ?

Undecided I am not picky about server we can decide that as a group the wipe is Thursday

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The wipe will happen Thursday we will pick a server by that time