Starting a new Cinema Team

If you’re interested in joining me in starting a new cinematic team, then you came to the right place. Think kitty0706’s good, then let’s put it to the test with this new cinematic team that I want to recruit. So, here’s a little background info. about me, I’m an editor and know very complicated stuff but fail at compiling and making the scenes in Gmod. People that made videos would know what I mean, so anyways, cutting to the point, we are need of directors, helpers, supporters, extras, and very dedicated video developers. If you fit this agenda,
-Good at directing
-Good at making gmod videos
-Know how to and want to make it
-Dedicated to making Gmod videos
-Voice Actors
-Helping Editor
-Anything that deals with gmod videos
-Comic writers
If you fit these categories, please add me on steam, this is completely voluntary and you do not get Service Hours or Service trash, but if we do get popular, then the rules change, but for now, I want to make them for fun. So, add me on steam:

I’m also known as Shooter, I’m a dedicated Gmoder and my tests on youtube have long been a cyclone of suckiness. I know what to do but I do not know how to direct a team and coordinate, that’s what I fail at doing and if you can do it, then welcome yourself on the team as director. Please support if you can, I’ve always wanted to make a gmod video, and don’t know what to do on my free time over summer. So, I decided to form a Gmod Cinematic Team, and will work on any project for more than 5 hours a day, so I’m dedicated and looking for others that have the same dedication as me. Please add me, if interested or if you have questions regarding it, please leave comments in the chat below, thanks guys and hope to see some support.

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This is not an automated message…It was typed by me

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Please Support the Project, as I’m in desperate need of video developers