Starting a new gamemode, need ideas & some support.

Hello all!

I have a ton of free-time on my hands, and i decided to start working on a gamemode.

Currently im building a website for it, and i need some help with php scripting. If anyone has the time, i would greatly appreciate some kind of help with php.

Everything else aside, i need some ideas for what the purpose of the gamemode should be, what kind of objectives should be in the gamemode (depends on the gametype), etc.

Huge thanks in advance.

You are doing this other way around. Why are you building a website for something that doesn’t exist, or doesn’t even have an idea?

The webserver is going to be the place where i can put updates, ofcourse!

I can appreciate a guy who’s building his infrastructure, but in my experience, the design of the infrastructure goes with the idea of what product/service you want to give. My advice is to come up with what exactly you want to do before you go on about trying to create your infrastructure to do everything. I find in most cases that if you don’t have a specific goal in mind, people loose motivation because they don’t know what amazing building is going to be on the foundation they just built.

Once you start planning and building your project, a re-usable infrastructure will naturally come.

Thanks for the advice, LegoGuy! However, i was talking about maybe a php form where people can submit ideas and suggestions?

Google Forms provides a pretty nice way to do it that auto-generates graphs to make it easier to interpret the data.

Just make a <form> in html and get the entries from $_POST in PHP, if you really want to do that sort of thing.

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Also, in my experience, I think it’s best to come up with your own idea. I mean, you can be inspired, but no feeling is better than watching your own ideas come to life rather than someone else’s.

Thanks! I’ll keep that in mind.

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Yeah, i have a few ideas in mind, however having a general opinion from multiple users helps me in certain ways.

Also what if i wanted to have the entries posted to the SQL server?

Here’s a website that you can use for:

  1. Hosting your code
  2. Publishing updates
  3. Allow people to report bugs
  4. Allow people to request things
  5. Allow people help you with code

I personally use the mysqli_* functions (All you PDO people can kill me now) remember that if you’re storing a string, make sure to escape it.
Here’s a click thing
Also, remember to sanitize your inputs. You don’t want posting a suggestion like “You should ;’ DELETE FROM submissions;”

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Oh yeah, that too, it’s awesome. GIT itself is a really nice tool.