Starting a new server. Is it the right time?


I really like and dislike Rust for the same reason.
Not being bound by rules, people tend to show their true nature and when they can’t be directly punished, they will annoy/grief a lot.
This gives a ‘common enemy’ to protect yourself and your friends against.
A big fun part to it that you can recognize the more decent players, or the players with more style. (ie. not going for the easy glitches, but arranging backstab events;)

I am astounded a lot by the behaviour of online players, but in this case, I think it adds a certain gameplay element to it.

Haven’t played for a while (no idea how long, as my perception of time is non existent) and now I can see experimental branches / undeveloped main branch.
Would like to rent/buy my own server for dedicated hosting, but I am unsure wether this is actually a proper idea.

I don’t know, but I assume, it’s possible to host the server in the experimental branch.
Does this mean every new update can possibly include a wipe, therefore everything constructed on the server will be temporary?

Or, is it still viable to host a server on the undeveloped main branch?
Ie. will this branch live long enough to enjoy playing/constructing, or is it better to wait for it to get deprecated?

Or, very much possible, there is no clear indication to answer any of these answers?

I am looking for a wipeless lifespan of about 2-3 months.

With regards!

I would suggest waiting a few months for performance issues to be fixed and more content to be added. I’m avoiding playing much at all until I can reliably play the game for long periods of time, and I’m not playing legacy at all anymore cuz there really isnt much left to do.

I have had an Experimental server up since the day they released the server files. I’ve done god knows how many updates and the save data is always restored (to my surprise with some of the bigger updates).

I suggest waiting if you are looking to get a dedicated hosted server through a GSP, it wont be long now but IMO the Experimental is not quite at the point where you can have sustainable game play. Players pop in to check it out but never stay for long as there still isn’t a lot to do.

Otherwise you could always run one up from your home and on your home internet connection in the mean time if you wanted to frig around and get used to managing one (even in this early state) but reliability and quality of service wont be as good as a proper hosted server.

With the pace they are going at I would be really surprised if the point that I am waiting for to convert my Legacy hosted server to the new version is longer than a month or two away at most.

Just my 2 cents based of what I have seen with hosting both versions.

Thanks for your answers.
I did not really realise that the ‘main’ branch did not have any updates, since my last play.
Seeing your post and the latest updates from the development team, I would say 2 months is very optimistic for the experimental branch to become playable.
(sadly it seems that animations, shadows and all rendering things gets priority over gameplay)

I still very much believe in Garry and the team, but I also believe it will take a relative long time for Rust to become complete enough again for fun gameplay.

I’ll keep track of the updates to see, when the experimental branch becomes the main trunk again. Then I’ll join in with probably my own server.

Thanks again!

As of a large update tonight they have put weapons back in so items are definitely starting to come in, 2 months probably is a bit optimistic but from the amount of new content that comes in and the frequency of the updates, it is definitely picking up pace now.

I have no doubt that in 2 months there will still be a bunch of stuff being done but I reckon it will be just about on par with legacy, if not far off!

I keep telling myself experimental will hopefully be par with legacy by the end of the year.
And I honestly don’t think that is too far from the truth.

Christmas present!

They are going by leaps and bounds, withe the addition of metal fragments being craftable theres plenty to do. I like building very larger structures and thats very possible now. With the spped they are moving its better every day.