Starting a new server! What do you guys want to see in this to play it?

Hey guys I’m looking to start a new server and want your input to see what you would like to see in this server. Do you want economy or do you want it straight up and maybe have Instacraft, doorshare, starter kit. What would you like to see in the starter if so? Tell me your opinions and I will take them into consideration! Thanks guys!

Ps: This server will have at least 5 admins to ensure no hackers! Admins will not have power to gmode or spawn anything so no abuse and they will be chosen wisely. Thanks!


If you have ideas of your own, you’re welcome to post them to We are setting up a Reddit based Rust community with a server that is designed and ran by people from the community.

We’d love to hear some of your thoughts and we are also looking for Admins if you think you’d be applicable.

Regardless, good luck with your server if you decide to go ahead with it :slight_smile:

Yes I would like to talk to about some stuff that I believe is great for the game and yes I would like to be an admin. Add me on steam my account is Pshhh and we can talk further if you would like. Thanks!


I will add you when I’m home.

It would be easier for me if you could drop a post on the subreddit, there is an Admin request thread on there now.

A post introducing yourself and any ideas you have can be put on there. Please try use the relevant thread if your ideas fall into any of the existing categories.

If you have any questions feel free to ask :slight_smile: