Starting a new server, what to do?

Hey guys, and girls.
I am starting a new Garry’s Mod server, i know how to make it, and get it up and working.
But i mean, what should i do to make it popular? im thinking about, which gamemode, do i need a “clan/community”
Or what do i need?
And how many slots?

Im thinking about some RP mode, maybe darkrp?

Yea, so what do YOU think (: ?
Thank you


I would go TTT 24 slots, or DarkRP 30 slots…

Make sure you get a website up to log bans and keep track of community members. But those 2 I generally see bring a lot of people in.

thanks, i bought a 12 slots dakrp now,
now its just,
Which map for 12 players (: ?

Rp_downtown_v2. Don’t use the updated version thing of downtown, you don’t need it for a 12 slot. A 12 slot can only utilize a fraction of rp_downtown_v2.

I have also just started a new server. Except it is a 32 slot. I notice what brings me to join certain servers is the jobs that are unique and no other server has. Maybe it is just me though.

yea, im working on jobs (:

Why is everyone starting darkdm servers?

I wouldn’t say they are all bad, but it takes a bit of effort to keep the community (and sometimes admins) under control.

Anyway, I wish you luck with your new server. :smile:

Because there better than other gamemodes.


Well that helps explain why you think that.