Starting a server help and advice

I got a question, can I still use addons and stuff from for current gmod or am I going to have to use everything on the steam workshop. Workshop doesn’t have a lot of the stuff I want to use and I am trying to get a lot of mafia related things for the roleplay server, any tips or advice would be helpful, thanks!

You can use them, but you need to convert them. There’s a guide in the Addons or Lua section that’s pretty easy to follow. Anyone with basic knowledge of it can convert. It’s the huge, complicated addons that require loads of work.

Workshop addons, though, are much more preferred.

Need any help, just ask.

Models etc should still work as far as I know.

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Where can I find these guides? I just want to convert some mafia character skins, slot machines and some weapons.

You’d have to look around the sections I mentioned, as I don’t have a link off the top of my head.

Well, the mods on are usable, but only the mods that was uploaded from GM13 release to then on.