Starting a Server, What Gamemode?

Hey Everyone, it’s Greg. I now have an 18 slot server for GMOD and I have NO IDEA what gamemode to host on it. I obviously want something that people want to play, and will stay on the server for.
If you have an idea, leave a comment saying what gamemode AND WHY! I should host it.
Thanks, Greg


And Why? Can anyone read the bold?

Anything but RP.

RP can be good, but for the love of god get some Lua skills in there and make it extremely original and not boring. Honestly, people say they want other gamemodes, but even FP’ers never join those cool original gamemodes they talk about wanting so bad.

No matter how much custom content you throw into RP, when the dust settles it’s still going to be 12 year olds RDMing.

You can always wish for a IQ test for RP when someone joins a server :v:

OpenAura servers are boring as hell, but they maintain an adult community.

Not every RP is Perp and DarkRP.

Do something classic and original… make it good. Custom, unique, make players want to play.

Don’t start a server just for the sake of starting a server, make it something you enjoy, we shouldn’t have to help you decide what you want to end up playing.

custom gamemode, some sort of RP warfare with base building and factions and perks and character classes and upgradeable devices like turrets and corpse looting and whatever else sounds cool

the general population of GMod (i.e. not facepunch) loves RP because it gives them an excuse to form gangs and fight amongst themselves and shoot things while pretending there’s a good reason for it all, and making the server actually focus on warfare and killing takes a load off of administration because they won’t have to deal with RDM METAGAMING NLR FAILCOP