Starting a server

So, I’m starting a server for my steam group. I got it set up using the Create multiplayer thing, but when people try to join it gives them a “server Not responding” message.

Also, How do I make certain entities admin only and turn on prop protection?


They can’t join it using right click your name -> Join game. That gives them your LAN ip address. They are not LANing with you, are they?
To get your external IP:
Just copy and paste it into a Steam Friends chat window, and tell them to write this into their consoles:


Replace all the 1’s with your IP and the 2’s with your server’s Port.

First, my first question got ninja’d

Second, ULX and Simple Prop Protection (search it). My personal recommendations for admin mod (makes shit admin(ge) only) and prop protection.

Simple Prop Protection has an SVN, so use this:
SVN link:

So I have to DL a mod for prop protection?

And I posted the IP on my group.

Yes, it’s not included in gmod.