Starting a Spacebuild Server

I’m looking to start a Spacebuild server, but I’m having trouble finding the latest SVN and all the needed components (that is, spacebuild itself, resource distro, wire, a nice set of maps…).

I’d appreciate it if someone could point me to any of the following:

-An official Spacebuild site that has a list of all required/useful/popular spacebuild components.
-A thread or wiki page with that information.
-Or a good set of search terms to find these- I’ve tried a few combinations of “Spacebuild” and such, but no luck.

Any other useful or essential mods would be appreciated as well. These are all the svn links but i dont think spacebuldalphapack 3 is in there ( if anyone could provide a link i would like that as well please :smiley: )

Follow Mr Andersons link, and only download the necessary files, not the optional files, the more addons you have, the more laggy it will be.

If I want to make a dedicated spacebuild server, I should copy all addons to Gmod addons folder in srcds and launch it from there?

If you have a spare computer, which is not currently in use, you can set that up with Windows Server 2003, setup DNs on it, and use that as a dedicated server, it’s free instead of paying for them overseas remote computers, just when you have finished installing everything on the computer, just install Remote Viewer, and get the IP and logon, and you can connect to it via your computer.

Of course to save electricity, you musn’t use a microphone, speakers, headset or monitor on your dedicated server AFTER you’ve installed everything.