Starting a Tiramisu server - Anyone interested in helping out? (Community)

There aren’t any popular servers playing Tiramisu.

I have a 36 slot server I’d be willing to pay for this month if I could get some support from people, I want to create a successful Tiramisu server, most likely along the lines of
the HL2 schema, and the whole idea of HL2RP.

I also have web hosting available to me, and would love to get some forums set up.

I want to work on this and make it more a community project, this would benefit me in little to no way. Once the server was up and running and a donation area was put in,
EVERY penny would go to the server, leftover money would be put away for the coming months.

I’ll list a few kind of people I’m looking for, but if you think you could benefit the server in ANY way, feel free to contact me.

-Coders (I can code a little myself, but not as well as i’d like to for the server atm.)
-Admins (At my discretion. I know how to run a good admin team, and if I don’t find you doing well or think you won’t do well, I won’t let you have/keep it.)
-PLAYERS (Obviously, hopefully people get here on their own though.)
-Do and Don’t / Idea People (I have a lot of ideas, but I’d love to hear others. If you have previous server experience with Tiramisu or HL2RP, feel free to contact me with suggestions.)
-Mapper(s) (Not as important as the rest are to me currently. I can run the server on one of the many well-made maps on, for the time being.)
-HTML/Web Programmers (FORUMS, most importantly. These guys are really important, i’d love to have one or two on board. Also would be needed for the MOTD (if there is one) and such, but you get the idea.)
-Community Officers ( - Only needed truly if forums get up. These people would watch and influence the community, would most likely be admins. Not necessary, but if you have experience in this field it would be a nice addition.)

Steam: scipherneo
Skype: hunter.folks
Or just PM me on here. But i’d prefer a steam request over everything.

I see this as a project of my own, but i’d like to make it more of a community project. Make a free gamemode into something that is popular and played, and regarded highly. If you can contribute in any way, please contact me.

I currently have an email asking me to pay for my invoice for the server for another month, but don’t want to do so unless I know I’ll have people to help out. I don’t want to run another DarkRP server or anything, I want to do this, for all of us

Thanks, I’ll be updating the thread frequently if this goes anywhere.

Also, I realize that because their is no pay involved, a lot of people might not be interested. This isn’t something your going to get yelled at for not helping with a lot, this is something that if you can spare a minute here and there to help I’ll be grateful. Of course dedicated people would be appreciated, but I’ll be happy with anyone that desires to contribute.

EDIT: Here i’ll be putting the current number of people that have contacted me in some form or another, that intend to help out.

Current Supporter Number: 5

Im available for the “Community Officers” job is thats still open.

Definitely, I can’t say that you’ll have very much to do until we get a forum / ventrilo or teamspeak server set up, but add me on steam :smile:

Getting off for the night, thanks for the people that already have started helping me, if anyone else is interested we still need EVERYTHING and everyone we can get, leave a response here on the thread or send me a steam friend request, drop me a PM or an email and i’ll get back to you tomorrow.

Wrong section. You’re not showing any gamemode but advertising your Tiramisu server. Please someone close or move this.

I added you to steam, would be easier to talk on there.

Good luck.

Although somewhat true, he is talking about a game mode in specific, I feel as though the thread is fitting.

I’m talking about the gamemode itself, talking about STARTING a server, and changing a gamemode with the help of the community.

Why would you want to get this thread closed? I don’t have my server IP or even mention the name of anything, hell I don’t even have a link to any of my server stuff on my steam or FP profile.

Why would you want to try and stop the possibility for a good change?

Can I be a janitor?

Because DarkRP edit threads are closed aswell. I mean, you’re editing a gamemode for your server. There’s no information about the gamemode even if there isn’t content about the server too. It’s just a post to recreuit, and there’s a post for that somewhere if it wasn’t closed.

Well, I would certainly be a player since I enjoy Tiramisu alot. I probably wouldn’t be fit for admin team if
you are going to judge from my post count. But hit me up on a PM if you are as interested as I am.

Added ya on steam.

I just added you.

The server has been up and down already, you’re late.

Please don’t make it another HL2RP. They are boring “passive” roleplay, and there are already a shit ton of them. That and “City/RealRP”. Maybe something original? We haven’t any good space roleplays or anything.

If there’s anything still going I’d go for the HTML Coder, Lua Coder and/or Community Officer <3

Ill join in. I love Tiramisu

Sure, I love Tiramisu. I can help with a map if you need one.

I can take a position as a Html coder, I know html and I can easily get a forum up, community radio, make graphics, and ect… Ive set up OA Hl2rp servers for me and my friends to mess around on, and all kinds of other gamemodes, so I can even help in-game, Hit me up sometime! I think this would be a good use of my time.

Add me on Steam: Bullard


Nevermind, I guess I wont help, I tried contacting you and you removed me from your friends list once I started talking to you.

Totally agree. Space RP will be exicting and original and there kight be lots of action. Action is important for good RP experience cause passive RP can be done on any server so you should give the people the oppurtunity to chose between passive and RP full of action (this doesn’t mean raids and stuff).