Starting an admin mod

I am wondering how to start up an admin mod. I just want to know the how to start the basics of these:

  1. Permanate usergroups
  2. Commands


Make your admin mod how you like it, and don’t copy methods of other ones. I’m also making my own admin mod as we’re speaking… :v: Regardless of methods, as long as its easy to add new commands, and the admin mod itself is pretty easy to configure, anything can work. A way of doing it would be tables, the rest explains itself.

Yeah but I don’t know where or how to start. That’s the problem.

You need to identify what defines your admin mod in terms of what you want / need it to support. A very basic definition is something like the following:

  • a player can be a member of a group
  • a group is…
    • a collection of permissions
    • something that is networked to the client (probably)
    • unable to target groups with higher immunity than itself
    • something that stores a list of its permissions
    • something that stores a list of its players
  • a permission is…
    • a flag that determines if a player can use a command
    • something that is assigned to a group
  • a command is…
    • function with a set of parameters that perform an action
    • assigned a permission
    • only able to be run when a player is in a group that has the right permission
    • only able to be run on players of lower immunity
    • passed arguments from a parser or console command
  • a parser is…
    • something that takes a line of text from chat or console
    • that returns an array of arguments

you get the general idea hopefully…

Once you have a clear picture of what it is you’re trying to build the actual steps to get there should become apparent. If you’re stuck on where to start draw a directed graph (with arrows and boxes) of what components depend on what other components, then start with something that a lot of things depend on but has very few dependencies itself.