Starting off in Modeling

So lately I have been wanting to start learning the process of creating models and porting in Garry’s Mod. Now I have been trying to do some research on how to start but I decided a wonderful place to start would to be on Face punch. Now I just have a few questions,

  1. What programs would I need to start off
  2. What is the best way to learn
  3. What are suggestions you may have about learning this?
Have a lok at that thread, it contains list of programs, links to them.

But to answer your questions here:

  1. You need 3D Modelling Software (Blender for example, or get 3ds max student license if you are a student)

  2. There is no “best” way to learn, it depends on person and how well you learn things.

  3. Start with simple props, don’t aim for characters or weapons straight away, start with modelling a basic box, then table, then chair or so, I mean work your way up.

I asked this before, but maybe someone will answer it here. It’s really difficult to find an answer online.

How are models from consoles ported over? I’ve seen models and characters from console games and I don’t get how they do it.

OR do they actually make the models themselves?

It’s mostly all about ripping models from games using some program (like 3D Ripper DX).
If it’s a PC game, there are many ways you can get the model files so you can import them into a modelling program and then do all the porting process for Source Engine.
If it’s a game from a console that can be emulated on PC (like PS2), the models can probably be easily ripped using some external program (like 3D RipperDX I mentioned before).
Not sure what are the methods of getting models from games for consoles like PS3, Xbox, but I guess there’s a hacky way to rip them.

Thank you for the advice and the thread. I think I’m going to try out the free trial on 3DS Max and then I will invest if I fell this is something that I really get in to.