Starting out in Lua

I am 14 years old. Do you think that now would be a good time to learn Lua for Gmod? I want to be a film director when I grow up, but I wouldn’t mind making a SWEP here and a SENT there. It’s just that…I need a starting point. I tried to make a GameMode, but that didn’t work out to well, so I’m putting that project on hold for now. I will eventually finish it and upload it to the workshop. But for now I plan on making SWEPs and SENTs also for uploading. Do you think this is a good starting point for someone of my age and experience?

If you’re dedicated to actually learning, you could do it. Just start off with small stuff, not gamemodes.

OK I’ve read the basic documentation on the Wiki. I know about functions, statements, if-else-then relationships, and all the other basic core Lua scripting language. I know how to use the language, I just wanted a starting point. SWEPs and SENTs are a good place to start, right?

yes and no, SWEPs and SENTs can be REALLY complicated, you better start at autorun scripts if you want something more practical at gmod, try to code something not too much complex but that involves a bit of everything

Don’t upload everything you make to Just a tip.

Derma is hard [sp]to make look cool[/sp].

Actually, when I said making SENTs and SWEPs, I meant making a SWEP that shoots a watermelon, or maybe a SENT that is a washing machine that ignites when I press “8” on my keypad. Something really simple like that is what I’m hoping to start out with. It should introduce me well into scripting for Gmod. I’m just wondering if this is the right approach. After I’ve made some SWEPs, then I will probably go on to something more complicated, like a basic GameMode, or more advanced SWEPs. What do you think?

I started coding when I was 10. (Python)
It’s never too early.

That’s amazing man. How old are you now?


Wow…your like a teenage coding/scripting guru now aren’t you?

He is.

It’s not too hard. Just find something you’re interested in and keep chipping away at it.