Starting out small!

Old thread, will make new one in the future…

Atleast you’re being honest.
I’d say good luck to you sir.
(Also, people around here doesn’t really like it when people rate themselves)

Thank you for the advice, I will not rate myself ;D

I agree with Afromana. As time progresses, please fill this thread with more information + pictures and bump it.

I am updating some small info :slight_smile:

Edit: Finally got rid of that nasty Just Bieber avatar :slight_smile:

That was a huge step towards your success

I can’t take people serious with Justing Bieber face. Especially when they try to be serious.

Looks good. One of the best threads in this section. Especially reply-wise

A++ Thread

Glad you feel that way! :slight_smile:
I am trying my best to create a nice RP server atm, so it will take some weeks/months…
When the server is officialy ready, I will make the Forum bigger, together with another upgraded thread, giving out all the information you need! :wink:


Don’t use XD on facepunch otherwise FP user’s gets cocky and start to flame you,

Good luck with your future endeavours.

Ok, thanks for the advice, and the support! :smiley:

Use the facepunch smilies here:

Hey Moe, if you need any graphics design/skinning done then feel free to add me as xproffrinkx

I’d be happy to help :slight_smile:

Thank you for offering! :smiley:
I will do that if it is needed :wink:

Good luck, we all have to start somewhere, wish you the best of luck with your community.

Thank you! Luck is what I need. ;D

Moe, I really like your … eeh, that you know what to do, you do it quick but with quality.
Good job, keep it up.

Thanks! :wink:

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Nice thread! I should try something like this :smiley: