Starting out. Tips.

Hello Facepunch,

I have some excellent ideas about a gmod gamemode i’ve been thinking about for quite some time, but I have no coding skills…

Since “idea guys” (lol) aren’t very welcome, I wanna learn to code myself, but have zero idea how to start.

Can someone give me some tips, not just link me to some crappy lua tutorial please? I would be very very thankful.

Just Google instead of making a thread.

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Also, try to be more specific. Saying “I WANT HELP WITH A GAMEMODE” doesn’t really make it easy to help you, does it?

Also, i know that you wrote not to link you to a tutorial. However, i think that that tutorial will learn you more than any sarcastic Facepuncher will.

Okay. Well it’s going to be some kind of roleplay, but not like the classical roleplay gamemodes out there.

I bookmarked that link, that seems pretty good as tutorial.

The tutorial is really good at setting up the basics of a gamemode for you, but it tells you: do this, do that.

I would like to learn why I have to do that, basically i’d like to learn to come up with that from scratch, using my knowledge, without following a step by step guide.

Then you’ll have to practice. Make random crap that you think would be cool and keep chipping away on it until it’s perfect; rinse, repeat. Practice is really the only way to learn Lua.