Starting Over In Rust Is Harder Then It Look's.....

My 1st Episode let me know what you think…


The way you shoot wow no words for that, just horrible…

Yeah, I’m still rather noob to this game been playing about 2 weeks now and still have not gotten use to how bouncy the M4 is lol.

Can you still do that with Barricades!

270 hours gameplay and i still cant use an m4 right, been playing on some sort of kit spawn server to get used to weapon sway and i gotta say, its helping alot!

Really? I may have to try that out. I mainly use the shotgun lol

Yeah, for the life of me I have no clue what I’m doing wrong with the weapons.

I’ve played several FPS games in a professional capacity, and I still just cannot get used to Rust’s weapons. I have no idea. I still win most gun fights but purely because I don’t spray and most other people in game do. When more people learn to burst and not spray I am going to get rolled. Hard.

I’m pretty good with the bow now? :confused:

Yeah, the bow is prob my 2nd best weapon.