Starting RP Server, need Tip and People

Okay, so I’ve decided to start an roleplay server IF people show interest and help with ideas and what they think is needed for a RP server to be great.

I’m not just gonna start a server any map and gamemode, I want people to say what they mean, gather ideas so that the server gets more attractive and stuff.

What I’ve been thinking of is NOT to use DarkRP since I’ve just got bad experience with it.

The options are:


those are the ones i’ve been looking at and I feel that they suit my needs (I hope). If you got any other gamemodes that’s better, please tell me, and why they’re better. I want a gamemode that let people be what THEY want, if they want to be a worker, they can RP a road worker, not be chosen by a script.

The maps I’ve been looking at is theese:

RP_Oviscity_GMC4 fix (No npcs, nukes and stuff like that)

All those maps suit MY needs atleast :wink: they have OK with space, they got apartments, warehouses, shops and OK roads.

Also, the server will probably have a password to stop minging and noobs from joining. because I hate idiots that come around the server screaming into the microphone etc etc.

I’m not sure about mods but here are some I’ve been thinking of:

RP Cars pack or Sakarias SCars mod.
some more furniture props (if i find any)
Wire - Restricted, No E2 for non admins, will sit down and look what to remove etc.
PHX - Restricted and got own rules: Discuss

Ok, so this is what I got in mind but please discuss and state your opinions, come with ideas and everything. if this thread gets popular and I will for sure start up the server very soon.

Also I wanna ask what Admin mods I should use to get a easy and usefull UI for administrating the server. Was thinking of ULX/ULIB and Simple RP Prop Protection for it but thats just me.

Discuss! :smiley:

Cars are useless since you’ve picked some pretty small maps, People are just going to run each other over all the time resulting in whining.

There’s already enough furniture in the game, you just have to look for it.

Wire can be useful but your going to want to restrict it alot, make E2 admin only unless you want to get raped.

PHX is very useful but you should have a rule discouraging “super l33t bases”.

PCMod is completely useless, justs adds unneeded complication and you get 12 year olds that think they are cool for knowing how to wire it all up.

Evolve or ASS/ULX, Evolve is the greatest thing you’ve never heard of, but most admins with experiance have used ASS or ULX.

No need for this, just have very strict but fair admins, be strict on who you let become admin aswell. Good admins = Good players.

Theres a command in darkrp that lets you change your job name its /job <Example>.
DarkRP is as good as any other rp gamemode but you need to know who you don’t want playing on your server.

And thats that.

Thanks alot, this was VERY usefull :slight_smile: I’ll edit main post now :smiley: you got any favorites of the maps i chose? :slight_smile:

Come on people! State your opinions, Join to make one of the greatest RP Servers out there :slight_smile:

I’ve been playing around with DarkRP now to see the functions, and yes, it works alright. Just need more ideas for the server, I chose Oviscity for map and got a few addons atm… please take your time to respond to this thread when you read it :slight_smile:

if I see someone put effort I might even give you a little helping hand if you decide to join…

First of all, i have a question, will guns be in great supply, be sort of rare, or completely unavailable.
Your choice on the availability of weapons really changes the server a lot.

Anyway, personally i think you should get some car addon, but one with very few cars, or remove some of them from teh addon, you dont really need many of them
And also, be very carefull with wire, yeah, a few of the tools can be very usefull, but almost all the other one’s can be abused incredibly, but i guess you already know this.
I hope this turns out good, its quite a while ago that i had a reason to play multiplayer, hope this might give me one.

Guns will be a hard to get item, The idea is that it first, you need to get the materials, then get it to a weapon manufacturer, and then to the dealer, all of this is illegal and has to be done “undetected” so prices will be high for weapons = that only people that have been there for a while can afford them, also, this gives the police a chance to track down and stop the manufacturing of guns.

Though, i’m not sure how to accomplish this yet, but I will figure it out someway… maybe I can get a friend or someone else to make a script or something. I’m actually gonna add a video to youtube on my idea how things are gonna work. For RP you need an economy system :slight_smile: the video will be up in a hour or so, maybe less

Sounds a lot like perp, and i like it, as long as when you finally get/make/buy/otherwise aquire a weapon, they dont suck balls.

Yeah, I don’t know WHAT weapons to make available for people and stuff too, got any advice? :wink:

another idea is that I wanna make a builder class that they have to be accepted for to be able to use physgun and toolgun… so that if they abuse they may be demoted.


Here’s an video for the RP economy i was thinking of :smiley:

Looking pretty good, how exactly will taxes work though?

Was thinking of it like this: For a car dealer to sell cars, he need to get the car from a manufacturer, that needs to get materials from the market (this will be just a menu to buy the materials) Lets say he buys materials to make the mustang, it costs 3000 dollars, the materials will just be a permission to spawn 1 mustang in the beginning because i have no idea how LUA works. then, lets say the customer wants the mustang in a special way… Like new rims, color and tuning… the manufacturer can make what he wants to get as a pay.

Lets say he wants 1000… out of that, he has to pay 20% tax, wich is 200 dollars, then the mayor get half of it, and the bank gets the rest.
this part is NOT a scripted event and must be done manually to get more of a RP feeling and things like that. The part with the materials and permission to spawn the vehicle must be scripted to prevent spam and things like that.

So lets say the manufacturer earned 800 on that deal, the dealer goes further, and sells it to a customer for 6000, since its the dealer, he has to pay 35% tax of the 2000 profit he makes and end up with paying 700 dollars to the “state” and he’s left with 1300 dollars for that car. and a happy customer. When a dealer pays for the state, the split for mayor/government is 30/70 and the bank gets most of it.

because of this, the mayor will NOT get a pay ever 3 min etc… he will be living off the tax money

Also, I want the mayor to have a few more options and abilities than he has right now, just not sure what yet :tinfoil:

though, for all this to become reality, It would be helpfull if someone with a bit LUA experience could help. I know a friend with good experience but he’s a little bit busy with his own server.

If paying taxes is manual, then you could in theory pay people under the table, which is good because it allows crime rings to develop, but the problem would be that it seems a bit too easy to do, unless you have a very good non-corrupt police department.

Thats actually a good thing, basically this means that whoever runs the city (Mayor?) needs to make sure that whoever runs the police (Police chief?) is doing their job well, because else the economy of the entire city might fail completely because people are not paying their taxes…

Oh, and for weapons, GDCW would be good, if you nerfed the damage a bit.

Since i’m not so good on these “shortenings” I have no clue what GDCW means, but I’m gonna make this system for weapons too, just like the cars

if you’re ever going to make a sever with these ideas then ill be sure to check it out

Heres a list.

-Name it Classic RP.
-Edit DarkRP or GmodRP ( I prefer GMod RP) to only have 6 jobs, which are as follows
a) Mayor
b) Chief
c) Officer
d) Gangster
e) Mobboss
f) Civilian
-Only admins can hand out guns.
-Pick admins, don’t sell it.
-Oviscity all the goddamn way.
-No. Mic. What-so-ever.

There you go. Successful, fun, classic, good, and innocent DarkRP server that I would enjoy playing on. And that means a lot coming from a Veteran of TSRP and Gmod9 RP.


NO PHX OR WIRE. AT ALL. It ruins it, and that means everyone that joins needs it, as well as = who the fuck needs wire and PHX in a roleplay server?

Just keep it natural. List of mods NOT to get
-Car mods
-Weapon addons (keep CSS goddamnit - people don’t enjoy dling a giant swep pack)

And that should be it.

Also I will probably join when its ready, to check it out. If it’s as good as I hope it will be, I will stay. PM me if you need any server help or advice.

Cross Gangster and Mobboss off that list and I mostly agree. Chief isn’t really needed either.

Mobboss and Gangster just give it more of the classic Gmod9 RP that is fun and enjoyable for everyone.

That and then add merchants, and i mostly agree.

Great ideas people, I love it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Though, to edit GMOD/DarkRP I need someone that knows a bit of scripting, I know the basics of // to ignore lines and edit existing scripts but adding lines is totally gibberish on my part lol :slight_smile:

What do you think of the economy system I set up, do you want something added/removed or changed??

And should admins have the ability to grant some people to spawn props?
like a guy wants to be a furniture merchant, and I give him rights to do so?

there are so many ideas I’m thinking of but I don’t have the ability to script OR edit. but I’ll figure it out someway.

Dont do DarkRp and your game is instantly awesome

PHX is good. Also, Who doesn’t have PHX?
Wire is pointless for RP.

Only some hand guns or mp5, for high prices or like you said, get material, go to dealer, dealer goes to gunmaker, gunmaker makes that gun, gives to dealer, dealer gives you the gun.

Scars is good, just a bit big, and ppl do not want to download 300mb of cars. I think. But SCars is easyest to get, that’s why I don’t like others.

Oh yeah, Prop limit should be very low.
Job builder, who builds stuff to people, prop limit is higher than normal.
Something like Breencast would be awesome. Like, you buy a TV and you see Mayor over there. That would need a script, what shows what someone says near the camera. And shows it to people who are near the TV.