Starting Rust Clan

im wanting to start a rust clan maybe like a small group with like 5-10 people in it ( im tired of playing alone -__- )

i want people that are 17+

cool / friendly / knows how to play

does NOT hack

i do not have a teamspeak (yet) but if i get enough people maybe we can buy one
so for now we will talk on skype /raidcall/ mumble something like that

if you wanting to join please comment on this and i will message you.

im down. im currently renting a server, we could begin there.

ok add me on steam “Apmosphere”


Add me on skype. Joey-Pelnar

Sure. Adding you on Steam.

Hi there, if you’re interested you could join my crew with your crew !

We got a teamspeak, we got a group and we’re with about 20 members however

we mainly play with 6 players though (GMT’s)…

If not then good luck !

(not going to post my thread here since that’d be advertising on your advertisement…)

id like to do that just add me on skype " zombie for lunch "

Hey, i might be interested aswell. Add me on steam: capslock2

+17, and how old are you?

Where are you based ?

I have a 50 Man TS Server that we could use ?

I already have a clan that your welcome to join ? hit me up

Add me SixtyNiner