Starting Rust Group/Clan 18+ | Mic Required | NA |LoL player is a good bonus

Since it’s quite hard to find people to play with in Rust or people you can trust, I’ve decided to start a rust clan.

-18+ hence the title. In rare cases, exceptions can be made if the majority of the group agrees.
-Mic required & willingness to use Skype/Raidcall/ or whatever is decided by the group.
-North America is your residence
-Laid back/sense of humor
-You do not play Rust 24/7. You are expected to have some sort of life.
-Typically play at night. Personally, I play around 6 pm PST/9 pm EST.
-If you’re a LoL player, ++++++++++!

Goals & Objectives:
-Domination. No explanation required :slight_smile:
-Mutual respect/friendship. As we continue to play together, I hope we stay close knit. Every member should have respect for other members. Joking is encouraged! Just don’t cross the line.
-Fun. People tend to forget that the point of games is fun. There will be no drama amongst members.
-7-10 members total.

Who I am: I am a sophomore Finance & Management major and a leader in a prominent business club. I like table games like foosball/pool/table tennis and sports like basketball and volleyball. I’ve played a variety of MMOs, and I run a medium sized LoL community.

Interested in joining? Add me on steam, LoL: Lmmortality, or Skype: immortalisboss. I’ll do a short 2-3 minute interview to make sure you understand the group and fit.

You can alternatively post your contact info below. Look forward to playing with you! is the link to the steam group.

Apparently, I didn’t know my own steam username.

How strict are you with the 18+ rule? I am sixteen and can hold my composure.
Also a league player, if that gives browny points. (I play pretty much every role if you are trying to build a LoL group as well)

I may be lenient upon talking to you. I just don’t want the group to have to deal with immaturity. Feel free to add me

I’ll shoot you an invite in about an hour.

Sounds good!

Add me in lol (Xholu) and we can talk about rust over a game of league if you’re interested.

Added xholu! Rust Group has been surprisingly successful, and we’re up to 13 members. 2 more members, and we’re closing down recruitment! Add me on steam quickly.

I asked about joining his clan. He added me on Steam and deleted me shortly after. I don’t recommend anyone to join this clan.

Toxicz is a child who has the steam name sir fappington. Regardless of the dumb votes on the main post. The group has been overwhelmingly successful :slight_smile:

Immortality is a guy that judges people’s maturity based off of their Steam name before he even meets them. Talk about judging a book by it’s cover…