Starting the clan XTeam and Recruiting

Hello everyone, every time i join any PvP server i get spawn killed and cant even live long enough to make a 1 foundation home.

So, I would like to create a clan in which we can all work together defend together and if it must come down to it raid together. (I do not prefer to raid but it is part of the game.)

Im calling the clan The XTeam. Why not call it that i really have no meaning of it but just thought of the name and liked it. If you would like to join the clan add me on skype at jason_perk23. And we can choose a server to join and meet up on.

Clan requirements:
13+ years of age
some in game experience
mature(dont act annoying in skype chats)
do not betray(I know i cant stop this but just dont be an ass and betray the clan)
know how to play the game
work with the clan

do you use anything other than skype?

I could use TS but i dont have my own server for it

ya you wont get alot of skypers in this unless there squeakers mostly the majority of people use ts.
ask jackool he will set u guys up with a channel for your clan :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks man and yea i figured i only use skype cuz i dont have a ts channel

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And i dont really have a clan yet… doesnt look like anyone wants to join it either.

Try not calling it a clan, but more of a group of friends. I mean, the best clans only tend to raid with 5 people so you dont need a huge amount.

yea i know but i literally work alone haha i have no one. I am really just looking for a group of people to team up with but no one ever wants to…

I would like to join with me and my friend Justin. Add me on Skype we are getting our keys right now.

My Skype is Aerowest325