Starting up a server

Hello, I will be starting up a space colony RP server sometime. I need quite a bit of help, and it would be much appreciated if you helped me.

Mapper- Not needed
Generally anything to do with scripting in an RP server- Needed
Modeller- Needed

I need someone who can work with gamemodes, SWEPS, items in the gamemode, and someone who can create / edit models. Thanks for the help.

“I want people to do everything for me.”

Well, thanks for making it sound worse.
I was asking if anyone wanted to help me start up this server.

What’s the pay?

Ill map for you.

ill do it for free cause whats ur steam name?

Sorry, no pay, and I already have a mapper, just need someone who can script as well as someone who can make / edit models. My steam name is D33tly, and you can just click the little steam icon under my forum name. Thanks.

Then what’s the incentive to help? Feeling good about ourselves?

Honestly, I’m asking people if they want to help me out with this, it’s your choice if you want to help or not. I’m not gonna force anyone to do any work for me. You’ll do it when you can, and i’ll try not to bother you about it too much.

i do

Alright, well please add me on steam nekoblade.

that’s not the right way to start up a server.

Just another ideas guy

Y’know, I wonder if this type of thread constitutes server advertisement, which isn’t allowed in this subforum. You’re advertising a server. Therefor this topic isn’t allowed here.

I think the fact that it’s in the wrong subforum should warrant a ban

Backseat moderation is a ban.


Yeah it is :frowning: Only reason I’ve been banned is by telling people they are posting in the wrong place.

I know that, was just saying that he would probably get banned for it, if a friendly warning counts as “backseat moderating”, then I’ll just snip it

Sorry dude, you can’t expect a killer RP server with tons of custom lua that everyone will want to play in without shelling out a little cash. That’s just how the world works. If you aren’t willing to pay anyone, you’ll have to do it yourself.