Starting with mapping

Dont kill me please. Im fascinated after making some maps with Portal 2 (yeah, lame) with this and I want to know how to make maps, because, why not. I have good imagination and its really cool to make maps.

Can I have some tips? Which SDK I should use? What I should do at the beggining? Where I can find ultimate tutorial?

Source SDK, tutorials are here.

Personally I would start in HL2. Multiplayer mapping is relatively harder, as there are usually several factors to take in to consideration. This put me off from mapping in the beginning (TF2). Mapping for collabs and competitions will also get you motivated, as it’s cool to look at other people’s awesome submissions and try harder as a result. Keep yourself inspired, spend time looking at the pimpage thread, the question thread, occasionally you’ll stumble on a gem or two. But the most important thing is to stay in the SDK. Don’t slack off, and don’t burn yourself out.

Thank you, thats my plan. I will perfect my one map in hl2 just to learn everything and improve at speed of doing those. Right now I need to learn how to add everything and about shortcuts. I have an idea, but its a long way. Its a perfect time for me, whole 2 months of vacations :smiley:

Glad to see you’re interested in mapping. My advice is to play around a lot when you want to learn about new entities and mapping styles. Trial and error with a guide structuring your learning is an incredibly efficient way of remembering what does what, and it gives you plenty to look back on as your progress.

Bookmark these or something. Also, feel free to post your work in Map Pimpage or ask questions in the question megathread. We were all new at one point, don’t let the cockier members discourage you.

Welcome to the mapping community, Xanoxis!

I’d also suggest that you do your first map for hl2 or Gmod, since you are very free in your map design and gameplay there and you can try and find out how stuff works.

All beginners usually have a lot of questions why stuff is not working as intended (Source can be quite tricky at times). If you want to, you can add me and I’ll do my best to help you with those problems…

Thanks a lot for sharing a magnificent link. useful.

Starting with portal 2 is quite the opposite of “lame.” If you want some great tips, check out SolarChronus on YouTube. Got me started, now I would say I’m pretty good with hammer :slight_smile: also, when people say to use the nodraw texture, DO IT. Otherwise you are going to have some REALLY laggy maps.

Welcome in the mapping community.

If you want to start mapping there are many different useful tutorials you can find Official documentation of Hammer Editor. you can get almost every information you need for mapping. TopHatWaffle’s youtube channel. This guy made tons of useful Tutorial that worth attention.

Quick Tips:

Use Nodraw texture on every surface you can not possibly see ingame.
Practice your brush work a lots.
If you have questions or problems ask on this thread:

If you want to show some of your work in progress maps you can post pictures there:

Have fun.

As for now I am almost only mapping for Portal 2. since it has more models such as dynamic environment (breaking stuff etc) than any other game i know. And i love portal :3

If you want to learn to map I like helping newbies. You can add me on steam and I will help you with whatever.