Starting with Source SDK again this summer, Anyone have links to any good tutorials or tips?

Hi everyone
I rarely post in this section so please inform me if i am making any mistakes here but.

Every summer I try to accomplish something (last summer was build first pc, summer before that was lose weight)

So this summer I just want to learn more about Source SDK and create some maps again

I’ve used Source SDK quite abit back in the summer of 2010 but I haven’t made another map since then

So I was wondering if any of you have any links to any good tutorials or tips or anything that could help me out

I already know how to add entities, models, sounds, lighting, etc etc
And how to set your spawn and everything like that, I know the basics

I want to learn more about making your map appear more “natural” and not so box-like

Tutorials on how to skew and manipulate the world would be quite nice.

SDK Wikis
This guy has good video tutorials and downloads

I definitely agree with the above TopHattWaffle, his video tutorials are what helped me start.

If you want more textures for free just go here

Honestly the best thing you can do it just start making stuff. It will suck. It’ll be nothing like you imagined it and people will hate it.

But eventually, if you keep at it, you’ll get the hang of it. Decompile Valve maps and look at how they put things together, what parts are basic geometry, what parts are models, where they used displacements, overlays, entities, the lighting settings used, etc. Try to emulate that look without copying it.

It’s like drawing or writing, just got to keep doing it and you’ll slowly get better.

The above links are very helpful, I also find that using references can be a load of help. I cannot just map something straight from my mind, I use real life references to make sure everything is logically correct, looks correct and just for ideas in general. Looking at other maps is also a great source of inspiration, it helps me a lot.

Don’t forget!

Interlopers and HalfWit 2 can be useful: (self promotion but they’re helpful) has some nice tutorials and articles