StartService failed (1450)


Rust worked fine on my System since yesterday.

Now i get this message when trying to launch Experimental:

Rust Launcher Error: Loading Error - StartService failed (1450)

Checked Firewall, Antivir and already reinstalled Rust. Still the same message. Legacy version still runs fine, as well as other Steam applications.


adding C:\Windows\System32\EasyAntiCheat.sys to Avira exeption rules and reinstalling EAC solved it.


For some reason Avira has suddenly starting to falsely pick up EAC’s driver. We have contacted them and are hoping to get this resolved as soon as possible.

Thanks for posting the work-around in case there are others encountering the same problem.

I am getting the same error but even after doing as you said I still get the same error

That worked for me :slight_smile: ty. Been getting this error for over 2 weeks now. Had Kaspersky a week ago, had the same error. I switched to avira and still had the same error. Then yesterday did a format / windows fresh install, installed avira. Still got the same error. I have to disable real time protection when I was using Kaspersky and also on avira to not get that error message. Now after adding that exception rule / Real-Time Protection / File Objects. I don’t get the error no more :). I can now leave Avira’s real time protection on.

@ironfis1: Are you still encountering this issue?

@eldervamp14: Thanks for confirming you got it working! We are currently in contact with Avira to get this issue fixed asap. We’ll check with Kaspersky now too, thanks!