Startup CTD -> Could not get client.dll interface from library client

So I went to start up GMod a few minutes ago, and it began an update; I checked the update news for it and none has been listed since the “1 Million Sales” post.

It took an unusually long time to start, then it flashed the load screen for an instant followed by a CTD with this:

I’m assuming this could’ve been another TF2 update, but it worked a few hours ago, and I’ve changed nothing since then.

If anyone could offer a possible solution as to what could’ve possibly gone wrong, that would be grand.

Thanks in advance.

GMod just updated again, I’ll see if there’s a change.

Negative, same error. Thanks Valve for informing Garry beforehand; oh well, just wait it out I guess.

Vavle broke gmod again deal with it.

Funny thing, I knew this was going to happen today.

Always happens on my day off, figures. lol

My server seems fine…

But it will not update for some odd reason.

Everything I can see without connecting to it looks ok…

Maybe that will help someone?

Jesus this is fucking annoying.

First my favorite servers get DDoS’ed out the asshole, now gmod is just broken.


Damn, I have this issue. I hope Garry gets it fixed soon :3

garry get off your ass and fix it damnit.

Happens all the time, you get used to it.

Another major source engine update, another wrench Gabe throws into Gmod for Garry to fix.

it wasn’t Garry that broke it was VALVe when they tried to update either TF2 or one of the other games they released on steam

More like happens every time.

Dammit Valve!

So basically gmod is down?


Ima go cry in a corner. I need my gmod!

hey im new to this but can u use some type of controler besides the keypad to play garrysmod??

Oh yes it is, and Garry has to clean up Gabe’s mess now. Not the first time and certainly not the last (Unless you can force steam to never update the core games Gmod depends on).

To be on the safe side. I’ve forced HL2:DM, CS:S, DoD:S, and TF2 to never update.

hey u on this?

Should of added Broke Garrys Mod