Startup error on srcds.exe

The Procedure entry point [EMAIL="?Lock@CThreadFastMutex@@ACEXII@Z"]?Lock@CThreadFastMutex@@ACEXII@Z could not be located in the dynamic link library tier0_s.dll.

Occurs 100% of the time when starting up the module.
Always seems to occur when the Level 5 section of CAF prints in the console.

Found this in one of the older threads.

This error only started after the latest srcds.exe update via hlds.

If I run the server with steam running, then I wont be able to play on it, and further more, my auto-restart scripts wont work at all, since they work under the assumption that I am away from the pc.
I cant sign into steam, start srcds.exe, and then sign out of steam all via bat file.

Ahh THANK you, i had this issue too and you have solved it! hooray for a now flawless server bootup!

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Wrong, you can play on it with steam running and the server. if you are using srcds it shouldn’t matter. Just delete the dll and all will be well. I do run a development server on the same machine i game on, it is no problem at all for me.

From what I recall, you can only be signed into steam at a single location, so having steam running on a remote dedicated server during the startup phase of the server, is unfeasible - means I wouldnt be able to run steam on my own home pc.

Actually, All I had to do to resolve the issue, was copy tier0_S.dll from the steam oob dedicated server gcf into my srcds bin folder.

Problem solved.

I don’t think you actually need to have games on a steam account to be able to download dedicated server tools, so all you would need is create a blank account for your dedicated server.

Yea, just make some bullshit account XD

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OOOOH i misunderstood, i thought you were running the server on the SAME computer you were gaming on. >.< my bad

I have the same error on my Dedicated server. Haven’t got steam running on it, nor have I ever. But since the lates tf2 beta update I get the “Lock@CThreadFastMutex@@ACEXII@Z” message every time I try to load the server.

All the normal servers load fine.

Datmeg’s supplied fix worked though