Starvation / Dehydration

Currently having food or water is the least of peoples worries, when your player has no food or water nothing happens not a threat at all. A idea to make food and water a definite survival need would be when the player is starving or dehydrated **make the player run slower, have a slower reaction time (possible mouse/cursor movement delayed?). ** Also the player should receive a decreased amount of health over time and a on-screen effect making the screen appear blurry.
These are just some ideas that would make the game more interesting and more of a survival game.

You are right mate , buth after eating 3 pork , 2 horse and 4 bear meat you dont run fast in real… You die …

If u say starving and dehidratated under 100 … Y agree whit u.

( sorry sorry y now my engl is funny and bad )

I’ve had a few ideas for food and water:

1.Instead of spawning with just a rock and torch,you also spawn with a water bag.

2.Food and water:
You have to at least eat once a day and drink about 300-500ml of water a day at different times.

3.Overeating/drinking penalties:
Drinking too much water at a time will disable sprinting for a minute

Eating too much will cause your character to throw up which will bring down your food and water meter,additionally you will not be able to move for 5 seconds and your screen will be blurry for 10 seconds.

4.Bonuses:Eating 3 times a day and balancing your thirst lvl will reward you with an increase of 30% maximum health and 10% more melee damage.

5.Starving/dehydration penalties:
Starving:-20% max health,-30% melee damage and bow damage (unable to use crossbow or throw spears.Unable to sprint and health declines by 1 every 3 seconds at severe starvation)

Dehydration:-20% max health,-20% reduction for aimed weapon accuracy (health declines by 1 every 3 seconds,health declines by 1 ever second at severe dehydration)

(starving sets in after 3 days of not eating,severe starving sets in after 5 days of not eating,dehydration sets in after 1 day of not drinking,severe dehydration sets in after 2 days of not drinking)

Too complex and unnecessary. I don’t think rust needs overeating or overdrinking feature. And it most definitely does not need diet management grind.

I think the metabolism will be kicked up eventually. As it stands, food and water is far too plentiful. I don’t think I’ve ever not had a full crate of cooked meat in my base within a couple of days of starting up after a wipe. Now with mushrooms, corn and pumpkins, it’s even easier. Really, the only time people bother eating anymore is if they’ve taken damage and need to restore their health.

I don’t want some ridiculous system, but I do agree that currently Rust does not manage hunger and thirst well. I’ve never had to drink water in Rust ever, as eating meat provides water as well. That should not be the case

The only time I drink water is when I’m trying to get rid of radiation. It’s definitely not to quench thirst as I rarely drop my thirst less than 10% from full once I get there.

It’s worth bearing in mind that its still fairly early on - I’m pretty sure they have mentioned before that they plan to have things affect the rate of water/food loss, for example sprinting everywhere causing you to get thirsty/hungry faster, being in cold environments or bleeding causing your food to go down faster etc.

There are a lot of suggestions both on the forums and in-game that I have seen which have already been touched on before, it’s just a case of priorities and getting the right systems in place so that the changes are balanced (I can imagine they’d probably want to improve farming and add things like river/lake/sea water collectors etc before they make any changes that could otherwise cause everyone to constantly die of dehydration)

/kill, all timers reset

Make times stay after death.

Fair enough.

A simple version then.

-30% melee damage,slow decline in health

Penalty in accuracy and slow health decline

Ta Da!