Starwars Roleplay Help

Need help making a StarwarsRP server I don’t even know where to start, all I really know is the DarkRP base but I heard there was a pre set Darkrp modification for it which I failed to find.

Please help.

First thing, download DarkRP base, then a basic modification, then… Make your own custom things. Or not make a DarkRP Server period… That works too :slight_smile:

Do you know anything about lua ??

Do what IamBrett said, If you want some help or just a way to get started lemme know

I managed to get myself started, but thanks for the assistance.

Yes I know lua very well just Starwars RP is not my strong point.

if you

then you wouldnt need help setting up a darkrp edit

just sayin

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just admit this is your first server and the most you have done is make a couple of jobs on darkrp. that would get you more help then trying to look like you know what you are doing

Yea I was mostly just having an issue with the gamemode itself, never done anything away from darkrp.

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Also no, I won’t admit that because this is not my first mate, I’ve done alot darkrp wise. But my community asked for a StarwarsRP. I just wasn’t sure on the gamemode, so assuming I don’t know shit just because I’ve never done anything other than DarkRP is a bit rude.

If you don’t trust me I’ll gladly screenshot my printers, hud, donation system and a few smaller things if you think I can’t code.

StarwarsRP is just DarkRP renamed with Starwars player models on a Starwars based map…
Aka, it’s still DarkRP.

You said you don’t know where to start… So here’s what think you should be doing.

The first step is to figure out what exactly you want. What features does your gamemode need to have? It’s best if you write this down in a “design document”, you don’t have to be completely thorough because it’s just for you; it’s something that you can go back and look at any time while developing.

Then, once you know your goals, you can get to work. You can start asking yourself: how much of what I want does DarkRP do natively? What will I have to modify? What will I have to make from scratch?

If you have any specific issue that you can’t solve, or you don’t know how to approach, for example “I want to make lightsabers green for the resistance but red for the empire, here’s my code and it’s not doing what I want” then you can feel free to ask on this forum, but we really can’t help anyone with super-general questions such as “I want to make Pirates of the Caribbean RP what do I do”. The only general question that we’re happy to help with is “I’ve never used Lua before and I’d like to learn, where do I start? Any gmod-specific tips?”

And I’ll be honest, I’ve been guilty of asking very general questions in the past (even the recent past), usually I didn’t get an answer.

tl;dr Start with what I said above, if you have a specific problem feel free to ask, if you have a general problem we can’t help.

That’s rude, they’re only giving you constructive criticism. :c

Everyones being a cunt to the guy, no need.
after all whats another shit DarkRP server going to harm?
You not being able to make more money on your crappy server ?

To change the gamemode name, edit the folder name to “starwarsrp” instead of “darkrp”
change the darkrp.txt file to starwarsrp.txt
edit the contents inside, remove darkrp and put starwarsrp

Yeah that’s certainly a unique HUD you got there. I have only seen it on every darkRP ever.

Too much hostility here… Come on guys, he hasn’t been an asshole yet, save your insults for a real dick.

This is all just a cover up for the StarWarsRP server pool for liquidating profits

Asshole no, pompous yes, hence where the negativity is stemming from. Besides if he wanted help with his darkRP server then he should have taken it to the darkRP forums. This is not the place to get help for darkRP and certainly does not belong in the developer discussion.