starwarsrp gamemode

I’ve done some research and been looking for the costum gamemode of starwarsrp so i can create my server using it. On the wiki i see that i can make a whole new gamemode, but i want to put it in the already made gamemode of starwarsrp. If this has already been solved before, link me to the thread please.

it wouldn’t really be costum if everyone could get it now would it?

Wait, was starwarsrp even custom? Last time I went on their, it was DarkRP with their own HUD and f4 menu, yet everything else was codehire?

An answer to your question is, you can’t get it, how ever you could easily ‘remake’ the gamemode by getting DarkRP, and darkrp modification master. And then see what addons they see, how ever no one will ever join becuase that server is appearr of a bigger community.