State of ACF?

I’m just wondering just whats going on with Armored Combat Framework. Is it going to remain a goons only Addon? Has work stopped?(dear god I hope not) Or has there been progress and perhaps there is hope for those of use who wish not to be plagued by the choice Gcombat or no combat anymore?

It wont be released it will always be on goons, No exceptions!

Maybe you should try PewPew.

I have good news and bad news.

The good news is that you can always join us on our public sever, toshkent.

The bad news is that the developer, kafouille, is a silly man who never comes to the server any more.

In all honesty I don’t see it being released anytime soon to the public, and on top of that the current version is basically an alpha.

Damn, shame that its really the only good prop damage combat system :frowning:

And Pew Pew IS Gcombat, just with a few new flashy features…

No, it’s a different addon that uses some effects from GCombat and is able to load GCombat weapons. That doesn’t make it GCombat. What exactly do you hate about GCombat anyway?

Well if there’s something to hate, he’s found it. Personally, I think GCombat is rather fun, if a bit bulky.

But we aren’t here to discuss the lovers and haters of GCombat…ahem. ACF, as was stated in the past, seems to have been abandoned, as far as I can tell, or it’s having work continued on it with no updates to the current team operating the server using the addon.

Wellp since ACF1 was stolen by some idiot, kaf isn’t exactly keen on the idea of releasing ACF2. From what I gather it is still very unfinished, and kaffouile isn’t doing many updates for it.

You can download the :siren:clientside:siren: ACF stuff from the GGG svn on deathgibs, and you can use ACF on any of the three GGG servers. Toshkent is the public one, and you need an SA account to get the passwords for Novgorod and Vladivostok.