Static Doors.

So I need help figuring out how I can code static doors. Like say the doors can be set to a price by the server owner or admins, then when a player buys that door it remains theirs even upon disconnect. So that they can have theirs homes when they rejoin a few hours later or even a few days.

1st of all. That would be a bad thing to do as maps have limited amount of doors etc.
2nd of all, it would require some sort of storage (sql preferably) for owners of doors and a minor networking.

Custom mapping sir, :> And It’s going to be only one door can be owned per client. And they expire after so long of not being on the server. That’s the objective any way’s It’s just figuring out where to start the code. :3

It wouldn’t be releated to mapping at all.
And … what, where did you get the idea that it’ll require editting the map ?

You said maps had limited amount of doors. Well there is going to be more because I’m making a custom map with a lot more rooms and places. I know it has nothing to do with mapping :>


Then save it to a database as well for saving across restarts, and have a script autorun to set the doors back to that. And something to unown the door after x time after the OwnedTime

I don’t think Networked Variables would be the best way to go about doing the owner, just have a variable which gets updated every time a door is bought.

Like how so, goosey?

Take a look through here and then using that infomation save the owner to your database.

I will take a look and let you know what I come up with. Thank!

Yeah, I said that because I thought that owners won’t vanish after some time.

Yeah the goal of it is to try to get the owners to vanish if they have not played on the server after so long.