Static IP name for GMOD server?

Hey Facepunch. I am wondering on how to make a name for our ip’s to join our servers. Take GMOD Tower’s for example.
Anyone have any clue on how this is done?

Domain name with an A record to the server ip address

This has to be done through DNS rerouting. Basically, when someone joins through the link in-game, it really just redirects them to the IP.

Ok, thanks for that. Any tutorial/rundown on how to do this? I have the basic idea on what you’re saying, just not how to do it yet.

Do you have a webhost/domain?

Well, I’m actually in the process of buying a domain soon. Should I wait until that’s done?

Well, you can’t do it without one.

kk, I’ll get back to this once I purchase my domain. I’m doing it tomorrow. (Hopefully. -.-)

Incase you don’t know, if someone adds the server to their favorites, and your IP changes, they will have re-add it, even though they used the DNS/domain. (So it wouldn’t be static)

Of-course, that wouldn’t be a problem if we had this: :slight_smile:

Alright. I’ve got my domain now. Where do I go from there?

The response below pretty much answers it - if you need anymore help then that, we’ll have to know who your domain name provider is, so we can give you more of a step-by-step :smile:

Yes, they are right. You’ll need an A Record which would usually be as simple as the subdomain (something.) in the first box, then the IP it’s going to (your servers IP) in another box. If you need help with this just add me on Steam.

Of course, if you’ve got multiple servers, you’ll need to set up SRV records if you want different sub-domains going to different ports on the same IP. If your game server host gives you a port with your server, this may likely be the case. Assuming of course gmod supports SRV records.

Source does not support SRV records.

Hmm. So there’s a way to do it. But noone knows how?

Damn, ye I read that yesterday. So I supose the only way you could have multiple subdomains linking two multiple servers is to have more then one IP on your server. Although VPS may only give you the one.

My servers are on separate ips which is as far as I know the only way to do it.

Yes, I believe you’re right. If it supported SRV Records you can assign different subdomains to the same IP and set the port, but as it doesn’t, you’d have to make each server run under a different IP then set an A Record for each.

The way you explain it, it doesn’t make sense. You do not need multiple IPs to make a domain name work.
If all servers run on one IP, you can easily have them run at different ports.

The domain name is nothing more than just an easy way to write an IP. If you have the domain “”, you can add a “subdomain” called “join” as A-record pointing to i.e.

If you have 3 SRCDS servers running on that (or whatever else), you can just use “” for your 1st server, if it runs on port 27015. If you have two other servers running at 27016 and 27017, you can join them using “” or “”.

SRV records are just a way to mask out the port and make a subdomain directly point towards a IP + port. Minecraft uses this. Minecraft’s default port is 25565. Servers that run on a port that is not 25565 can use an SRV record to make their “” point to All it does is just get rid of the port, and honestly, I don’t really see the problem in having a port behind your IP / domain name.

Sorry, I realised I didn’t explain myself well. This was following on from the conversation me and Kerdizoume had on steam about SRV records and the way to do it without having the port after your domain. So it’s purely a domain.

You are absolutely right, as long as you don’t mind having ports at the end, you can run multiple servers off one address, it’s just easier if you DID have access to multiple IP’s to have them running separately, so you can just have So ye, just have an A record pointing to your servers IP, either the main record or something such as and then assign each server a new port.

I have it all set up. Thanks for your guys’ help.