Static ip

I might get a static ip not sure but this is what i want to know

Will it affect anything with my router

Does it change every time

What do i change it too is it 192.XXX.X.X or server ip ^^)

im not sure


i want to get a static ip how do i do it

For your local computer or your internet address?

Ughh dont know i want to make it so i dont have to go into to get my ip it changes

You probably just need to talk to your ISP and pay an extra service fee for it.

on my router it says static ip with a empty box :confused:

Yeah, phone your ISP and ask if you can get a static IP address.

the thing is my dad wont let me so i got to find a way to get it without him knowing

Yeah im 16 before anyone says omg he is like 8

Here we go…
If you are on a network behind a router, you have to ip addresses that you are dealing with. When you think of “static ip,” you are thinking of a permanent ip address that your isp gives you, so you can always host a server from the same ip. To get this, you must pay an extra service charge.

In your router, static ip means the same thing, but the ip address it means is your computer’s INTERNAL ip address. On the outside, your router’s ip address is, but on the inside, your computer is probably or something like that. Your internal address can change (the without affecting your dedicated server.

That came out much more confused than I meant it to be. Good luck :slight_smile:



Well guess i cant do it then oh well

Sorry compwhizii, I was tired when I wrote that. I meant, and I assumed that his router had his computer’s name, not ip address, assign to the DMZ. I guess most people probably don’t have that though.

That’s not everyones internet IP.

yeah i know. I saw that he said and for some reason thought
mine isn’t even 64, it’s 176 :smiley:

my ip is

instead of saying No No, how about you help?