Static/Permanent Multiplayer Props

Is there any addon out there or any sort of code that enables a way to make a prop and then you simple enable it to be a Static/Permanent prop and it will be there till removed (IT will always be there after restarts)

Is this even possible?
Tell me if it is… :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks, Red!

It is definitely possible, but I don’t know if any such addons exist. An intermediate coder could make this for you though.

You’d have to pre-define vectors on specific maps, then make the entities spawn there.

If the game mode derives from sandbox (you had a spawn menu), holdC and right clic a pop the press Persist.

I thought using the built in Persist doesn’t work?

If the gamemode is darkrp, you need to make yourself root in FAdmin I think. Also I think the prop has to be yours.

Already have done this. Any other ideas?

The data won’t be saved (due to restrictions of the ShutDown hook) she sexes poop not properly shut down (quit isn’t typed in rcon)