Static props.

The kind you’d find on the GM12 HL2RP scripts such as Kuro’s pile of pigeon shit. Anyone know if there’s a working release for GM13, or perhaps a fancy script to use the functionality?

For those who are a bit slow and don’t know what static props are, they’re props that can be made to retain their position on the map after a server restart (Among other things).

do you mean world props?

Like the persistent props you get when you right click a prop in context menu?

i beleive this is what your looking for:

function SpawnProps()
SpawnProp(Vector( 0, 0, 0 ), "models/prop you want.mdl")

if not, tell me (this is not my code)

I guess you could put it like that, very loosely. Basically, you’d be able to look at a prop and type a command, thus making that prop be spawned in that position if the map were to restart; making it static, or permanent.


You could make this by creating a table of props and their locations and having two commands (one to add something to the table and one to spawn everything in the table at their specific locations). But isn’t this already included as persistent props?

okay, will calling me dumb won’t help, since you did so, im not going to do the 5 minutes of code editing needed to do this

Please help me, oh wise coder!!!11

Yeah, I’m sure you’re the greatest lua coder ever-- what with your 20 posts and all.

Already found someone that can help me out, thanks.


oh yea, im sorry, i forgot it took a professional coder to do that! but seriously, you can find a tutorial on the wiki, why don’t you just use google next time?

A+ assistance there captain helper! Gee, if only I had thought of that before; using a simple google search to find something on the internet…-- Who would’ve guessed?!


No, persistent props do not save them after a server restart.