Static Scene with Engineer Buildings!

Just experimenting with graphics, and photoshop :wink:

So it’s basically a static scene, kinda darken’d down. Gives it an interssting atmosphere :slight_smile:

And yes, I 'shopped in the dispenser display, because it wasn’t included in the prop :frowning:

Never save as a PNG.

Jesus fuck pngs take a long time to load.


It looks like DOOM.

Here’s another version. Kinda made areas around lights a little more lit up. (Also resized)


Wat? PNG’s are bad? :frowning:


I blame imageshack >:C

Yes, png’s are bad, they take fucklong to load and are unnecessarily big in filesize.

Daww :frowning:

But all the images I have saved have been PNG, and people haven’t complained earlier?