Station Square Map (TF2)

Hello, everyone. I’m making this thread to show you a map I have been working on for the past few months.

This map is a full recreation of Station Square from Sonic Adventure, one of my favorite childhood games, for TF2. I know I have previously made a thread showing this map, but that was just for some slight criticism. This is going to be the official forum thread for this map and will showcase all of the progress on it.

This map may mostly be used for trade servers or general “screw around” servers. If I learn displacement, I may work on the Mystic Ruins and include it in this map! (I’m scared about the compiling times, though… shivers)

Valve: Hammer Editor and TF2
Sega: Sonic Adventure
Flyguy: My friend who helps fix any mistakes I may have made/Converted the Sonic Adventure textures for Source
The VG Resource: For supplying the Sonic Adventure textures

NOTE: I am recreating this all by eye. I may mess up the scale on some parts. But I will try to retain the original outline of the map.

Development Stages:
-BLOCKOUT STAGE: Map layout, texturing
-ALPHA STAGE: Texturing, adjustments
-BETA STAGE: Testing, adjustments, bug fixes
-RELEASE STAGE: Last-minute adjustments, bug fixes

CURRENT STAGE: BLOCKOUT - Started January 2014
Current Development Time: 3 Months

-After all of the numbers below hit 100%, this map will then hit the ALPHA stage.
Here is my current progress:
-Poolside: 100% Yay!
-Hotel: 95%
-Casino Area: 75%
-Casinopolis: 65%
-Central area: 50%
-Train station: 0%
-Downtown: 0%
-Super Secret!: UNKNOWN

Currently working on:Central Area

I will (try to!) put in at least 1-2 hours a day on this map.

Here are some screenshots!



Casino Area:


Central Area:

Train Station:


Seems like a cool idea, I wish you luck.

Since compile is taking some time, make sure to func_detail as much as you can. Anything that doesn’t block the players view, such as handrails, door extrusions and the like should be selected and func_detailed.

When you say “func_detailed”, do you mean just clicking ctrl+t on it? I apologize for my lack of Hammer knowledge.

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I have just finished the blockout of the pool-side and uploaded a picture of it in the main post.

Lookin’ good, my nigga. Keep up the nice work.

Yes, CTRL+T will convert your selected brushwork into your default brush entity, which should be func_detail.

This looks amazing and I am looking forward to the end result!

Thank you. This is actually my first map in hammer that I am going to complete. (I have used hammer before, so try not to worry) So I apologize if the end result is not satisfactory.

I have uploaded a very early Casinopolis photo. Tell me what you think!

oh my god
oh my god
also displacements are pretty easy if you read the wiki

If my hammer skills are good enough, I may be adding something super awesome and secrete for all you Sonic Adventure fans in the future! <3 Though I will not post any update information on it (cause it’s a secret, duh~).

I also updated the Casinopolis photos.

Edit: A very awesome person is going to help me with the super secret part of the map. His work is absolutely amazing and everyone should check him out

If this turns out to be what I think this is, I would be a happy man.

If you subscribe to him, you may get to see the secret part early! (but I will not be posting it here!)

I apologize for the lack of updates! I just haven’t been feeling like mapping all that much this week. I will try to work on it a lot next week though! I have posted an early picture of the central area with part of the sewer.
Edit:I just finished the sewer part last night! Pictures are at the bottom of the main post.

Looks awesome :smiley: Looking forward to see how this turns out.

Someone has “hired” me to make a map for them for their server. So I apologize for the lack of progression.

Any idea when you’ll be back to making this map? Sorry if this sounds a little inconsiderate.