Stats at a Glance

This is my first addon, it lets you see stats… At a glance! I’ll add more screen shots soon. Please give me more ideas!
stats_bg_r - Sets the stats background red
stats_bg_g - Sets the stats background green
stats_bg_b - Sets the stats background blue
stats_bg_a - Sets the stats background alpha
stats_txt_r - Sets the stats text’s red
stats_txt_g - Sets the stats text’s green
stats_txt_b - Sets the stats text’s blue
stats_txt_a - Sets the stats text’s alpha
You can see other players stats by looking at them!

Definitely not bad for a first. I’d recommend improving the GUI of it a bit, but other than that it could be useful.

I’m going to make it prettier later on. Thanks for the reply!

Good work, keep working. As for HUD, I suggest drawing sketches then trying to recreate them in-game. Personally, I just like using HL2’s HUD standards, as it’s something familiar for everyone.