Statue Bug

I am setting up a darkrp server running v2.3.7 and it has this odd bug where all the players look like low poly statues with their guns glued to their crotch, ive included some screens any help is appreciated.

Fire the M16’s.

I have seen that problem before, I don’t know how to solve it.

I wonder why it’s going to the normal HL2 player model instead of any of the gmod ones

Probably the models fucked up.
You should try looking into factions and try some commands to enable using your-choosed models at Q menu.

Try deleting some config files?

Its probbably a lua error. DONT MAKE A NEW STUPID THREAD! ask in the DarkRP thread for fucks sake…

Install the missing models to the server. Because the model didn’t exist on the server, it reverted you to player.mdl

The models should still show, all player models from hl2, css and dod are packaged in the gmod files - just not the textures. It’s more likely to be a lua error serverside - check your server logs.

I was assuming they set the default model to a model they don’t have, and don’t have a script to revert to a certain model if it doesn’t exist.

That problem is only caused by a lua error. So its just to check the logs and hunt after it