Statue request

So, I’m making this half-life 2 map, and I couldn’t really find an appropriate model to use as a human-shaped statue.

If you’re a fan of the concept of HL2 beta, then you have probably seen an image of a statue of the consul.

However I have heard that the actual model for this is really low poly and un-detailed and everything. My request is pretty much a human shaped statue resembling the consul perhaps, and that reference above. It would be awesome if the statue had a square-ish base and the base was around 100wx100l in hammer units, and the actual height of the model… hm… not more than 256 hammer units.

I’d give my gratitude if someone can do this for me, thanks, and I’ll be sure to give credit if I ever release it with my map.

I think it’s easy to make. Just open some citizen or breen model in 3D porgram. Pose him properly. Apply grey or statue like texture. And compile as static prop.

Well XSI is all Greek to anyone who hasn’t done tutorials or used it regularly. 3D programs are not like Garrysmod or Source SDK at all…

3ds max does exactly same things as XSI, just might be a bit different. And obviously they are not like gmod or sdk at all. Gmod is game, SDK is for maps.

Never tried 3ds max and by that gmod and sdk thing I meant more along the lines of camera control and such, never said anything about hammer…point being its not as simple to everybody